Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Salora Fontab 2G Calling Tablet – A Smart Phone Tablet

Salora International – A Frontrunner

Despite the fact that there are countless manufacturers of tablets in India, the Salora Fontab 2G calling tablet comes from Salora International, one of the leading players in the Indian consumer electronics industry. The company has its manufacturing facilities in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and in the state of Gujarat and an excellent network of distributors which market their products countrywide. The Salora Fontab 2G Calling Tablet has been designed to provide the user with a higher level of comfort to the user through its sleekness and elegance as well as to make sure that the tablet is easy to handle by various types of users weighing a mere 350 grams. The tablet owes its slim appearance to its thickness that does not exceed 10 mm though it comes with a dimension of 194 mm in height and 124 mm in width which offer the phone tablet its stylishness. The measurements and weight of the tablet are well suited to the large variety of requirements of users of all groups in the domestic market and is one of the latest tablets in India.